He Started Using His Garden Hose To Spray A Neighborhood Kid Every Time The Kid Ruined His Lawn, And Now His Wife Thinks This Strange Tradition Needs To Stop

When he does, he starts hosing him down, and they actually start chit-chatting. Sometimes, the kid is there for 15-20 minutes. He’s beginning to think the kid likes getting hosed down after a long practice.

“It started off as a really bitter relationship, but I’ve actually gotten to know the kid quite well,” he said. 

How cute is that?

However, his wife is not a fan of his little hosing tradition with the kid because she thinks it makes him seem mean. His wife said his behavior makes them look like “childless idiots” and that he should stop.

“I guess I could stop, but honestly, it’s really funny waiting for him to come by, and I see no harm in it,” he added.

Do you think he should stop spraying the kid with his garden hose?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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