Her Date Flirted With The Waitress Right In Front Of Her, And The Waitress Even Flirted Back With The Guy

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What could be worse than being on a date with someone who flirts with other people? Next to nothing.

Unfortunately for TikToker Emily, @hotpinksagittarius, this situation became a reality when she went on a date with a guy who spent the entire time flirting with their waitress.

Her initial TikTok video just documented the experience in the moment with no commentary. She shows her date and writes over the video, “My date is flirting with the waitress…” It doesn’t stop there, however.

“She starts to flirt back all while I’m in the middle of them two,” she explained.

Although annoyed, as any girl would be on a first date with someone, she gets the best kind of revenge on him later that night by having him pay for her drinks while she goes around and flirts with other guys in the bar.

While her date turned out to be a horrible experience, she did get a lot of support in the comments from viewers who sympathized with her situation.

“If y’all were out on a date, and he flirts with somebody else, then WALK OUT AND NEVER LOOK BACK!!!” one person wrote.

Another commenter wrote, “Regardless of a first date or not, this is actually one of the things I mentally note! It’s a for sure no-no.”

Emily responded to this comment and gave a little bit more context as to what’s been going on since her failed date.

WavebreakmediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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