Her Sister-In-Law Asked If She Could Keep The Special Earrings Her Grandfather Made For Her, But After She Said No, She Upset Her Sister-In-Law

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Have you ever felt forced to pass down or give something special to a younger family member?

This happened to one woman after she recently got into an argument with her sister-in-law when she refused to give away a special pair of earrings to her niece. 

She’s 23-years-old and has fond memories of her grandfather, who used to be a goldsmith. He would make gold jewelry for his daughters and granddaughters on special occasions.

When she was a baby, her grandfather made her a pair of tiny gold bangle hoop earrings to wear for her first birthday. This is her favorite piece of jewelry she received from him.

Her brother and sister-in-law recently had a baby girl eight months ago. They’re putting together a family photoshoot where everyone can wear some of her grandfather’s jewelry.

Her niece has her ears pierced, and her brother and sister-in-law have been in search of some jewelry small enough for her to wear. 

Her sister-in-law asked if she could borrow some of her jewelry and started looking through her things.

Before long, she found the pair of tiny gold bangle earrings from her grandfather and fell in love with them.

She initially didn’t mind the idea of her sister-in-law borrowing the earrings for the photoshoot. But then, her sister-in-law asked if she could keep and give the earrings to her niece as an early birthday present.

Floral Deco – – illustrative purposes only

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