His Mom Had A Scary Experience When A Man In A Dark Hoodie Was Stalking Her Coffee Shop At Closing Time

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If you’ve ever worked at a small business and had to close the place late at night, you know it can get a little creepy. 

One man’s mom had a super scary experience with a man who was stalking her coffee shop around closing time.

Ten years ago, his parents bought a quaint little coffee shop in the historical part of a nearby town. Before long, they had a bunch of customers they considered to be regulars.

Unfortunately, the area did have a few sketchy people who would hang around near the coffee shop later at night. The shop used to close around 8:00 pm, and one night, his mom got very creeped out.

That night, she was left to close the shop by herself. They didn’t have many employees in the shop at the time. Thankfully, she wasn’t alone since a regular customer named Bob was hanging around the shop. Bob was a motorcycle rider who often wears leather vests and rode Harleys. 

His mom was cleaning around the shop and getting ready to close up when she looked out the drive-thru window and noticed a man standing at the edge of the parking lot. He was staring directly into the store window while pacing back and forth. 

It was already dark outside, and he was creepily wearing a dark hoodie. The mysterious man instantly freaked out his mom, and she asked Bob to stay in the shop just in case she needed protection. 

Five minutes later, his mom looked back out the window and saw that the man outside started speed-walking towards it. She locked the window and tried to stay level-headed, but she was terrified.

“As soon as this stranger put his hand on the door, Bob stood up in front of it and just stared at him,” he explained.

UltimaSperanza – – illustrative purposes only

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