His Stepbrother Stole His Rare Supercar Worth Over $600,000 To Drive On Prom Night, But He Wrecked It

AS Photo Family - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A few years ago, this man received a generous bonus following a great sales year at work. And being that he is not extremely wealthy, he decided to use the bonus as an investment toward his retirement.

Now, he didn’t put the money into a traditional retirement account or anything. Instead, he is actually a massive “car guy.”

“And during a dip in the exotic car market, I was presented with an insane private market deal on an extremely rare manual transmission supercar,” he recalled.

Apparently, the car’s original owner was actually a friend of his from a car club. But his friend passed away, and his friend’s kids were selling the vehicle.

Upon learning about the sale, he realized he had just enough available funds for a down payment. Then, he looked at the car as an investment toward his retirement.

He did not want to disclose the exact model of the vehicle. But, he claimed there were less than 200 of these make and models still in North America.

Plus, the car he got to purchase was completely original, had no damage, and even had low mileage.

So, it’s worth over $600,000– which is more than triple the price he paid for the vehicle. That’s why he rarely even drives the car himself!

But, just last weekend, he went out of town, and tragedy struck. Apparently, he lives in a gated community, and his house has both cameras and an alarm system. He left the car well-secured in his garage and thought the vehicle was safe from tampering.

AS Photo Family – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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