She Assumed Her Mom’s Maid Of Honor Was Still Someone She Was Close To, But Her Mom’s Maid Of Honor Basically Ghosted Her Back In The 80s

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TikToker Sam Doll (@sam_d0ll) is sharing the juiciest story of her mom’s maid of honor. It’s a 35-year-old mystery story that still has yet to be solved.

Sam was under the assumption that her mom’s maid of honor would be a current close friend of many years, but it turns out that her mom hadn’t seen her maid of honor since the year after her wedding.

So her parents got married in their early twenties and were best friends with a couple named Patty and Dino. Patty was the maid of honor at her mom’s wedding.

About a year after the wedding, the two couples took a trip to Florida and stayed at Sam’s grandparents’ condo. One night, they went to a bar on the beach, and everyone had a great time, or so Sam’s parents thought.

But the following day, Patty gave Sam’s mom the silent treatment. At first, her mom thought Patty was just hungover, so she didn’t read too much into it.

Patty and Dino didn’t seem to want to engage with them that day, so Sam’s parents headed to Disney World without them. They stayed in Orlando for a few nights. And when they returned, the silent treatment was still happening, but now Dino was in on it.

They were hanging out on the beach, and eventually, Sam’s parents went back to the condo, her dad promising to pick up the couple from the beach at 4 PM.

When the time came to pick them up, Sam’s mom insisted on going instead. Her dad agreed and went to take a nap.

“My mom goes to the beach, and they’re both standing there. They see it’s my mom. Without saying a word, both of them get into the backseat of the car, so my mom’s now driving them around like a taxi driver,” imparted Sam.

Of course, her mom started getting really upset. And on the way back to the condo, there’s a roundabout you have to drive through. When they reached the roundabout, Sam’s mom started driving in circles, thinking they would have to break the silence to demand what she was doing.

But the couple didn’t utter a word. So after they arrived at the condo, Sam’s mom ordered them to pack their suitcases and leave, saying that her husband would take them to the airport.

While the couple was freaking out, Sam’s mom woke her dad up from his nap and informed him that she had kicked Patty and Dino out.

At this point, Patty was sobbing on the balcony and begging to apologize to Sam’s mom. However, her apology came too late because Sam’s mom didn’t want to hear any of it, and they were carted off to the airport.

“My dad leaves them there. Never saw them again. Heard through the grapevine that they got divorced a year later,” concluded Sam.

To this day, whatever Patty’s problem was is still unknown. But the theory is that she got upset because Dino was hitting on Sam’s mom.

What do you think Patty’s problem was?


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