She Called Her Daughter-In-Law Crazy For Thinking Her Grandson Would Get A Bedroom In Her Home After She Only Just Got To Meet The Baby 10 Months After He Was Born

Yet, when she and her family asked when they could meet the baby, her son, and daughter-in-law claimed she couldn’t meet her grandson until he was older.

While that really did confuse her, though, she and her family still did not question anything.

Instead, she only just wound up meeting her grandson this past Mother’s Day when her son and daughter-in-law visited with their child.

“The baby was cute, and I did try and bond with him, but my daughter-in-law didn’t even let us hold him,” she recalled.

Anyway, her son also had not been to her home in a while, either. So, after she met her grandson, she decided to show her son and daughter-in-law around.

It was at that point that they both realized she had a playroom and bedroom space for her daughter’s children in her own home.

So, her son and daughter-in-law asked if their son got a room in her home, too, and she was forced to say no. After all, that was the very first time she even got to see her grandson in person.

But her daughter-in-law didn’t understand that and just got upset– claiming that it didn’t matter since she should treat all of her grandchildren equally. Her daughter-in-law also pointed out how, all throughout Mother’s Day, she had shown her daughter’s children much more attention.

She could not have disagreed more, though, and told her daughter-in-law that she and her husband had been trying to bond with their grandson all day. However, that was nearly impossible since they were not even allowed to hold the baby!

She also called her daughter-in-law crazy for thinking that her grandson would get a room since she and her husband probably would not even see the baby again until Christmas.

While her comments may have been true, though, they only made her daughter-in-law more upset. So, her daughter-in-law wound up dragging her son and her grandson out of the house before leaving.

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