She Ended Up Quitting Her Job After Her Manager Was Completely Insensitive About Her Forgetting Her Suitcase On A Trip, Which Made Her Late For Work

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A young woman who is also a college student worked as a server at a restaurant. She no longer works there now due to an insensitive manager who refused to give her a bit of leeway for being a little late for her shift after she left her suitcase at a friend’s house.

Madison Churbe (@madisonchurbe) is from Texas, and she recently quit her job. Now she’s asking TikTok users for their opinions on how she handled the situation.

So one weekend, she was in New Braunfels to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. It was a two-day event where everyone had loads of fun, and quite a bit of drinking was involved. Madison ended up staying almost the entire weekend.

However, she knew she was scheduled to work on Sunday afternoon. So she left in the morning, giving herself ample time to get ready for her shift.

But after being on the road for a little while, Madison suddenly received a phone call from her friend, informing her that she had left her suitcase at the house.

“So I look over at my seat, and I got my purse, my makeup bag, but no suitcase. I’m like, the suitcase I literally packed before I left and lived in for two days at your house? I left my whole belongings there with my MacBook and everything?” Madison said in disbelief.

Then, Madison tried to make arrangements with other friends to have someone drop the suitcase off to her, but unfortunately, no one was heading in her direction.

So, of course, she was forced to go back and make the drive all over again, which would cause her to be late for work. She called her boss to let him know, but instead of being understanding, her boss was completely rude.

“This man says, well, the schedule has been up for two weeks, and you knew you had to work, so you need to be a good worker and be at your shift on time,” recalled Madison.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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