She Recently Felt Judged In Public For The Brand Of Stroller She Uses, And It’s Not One That Cost $800 Or $1,500

Everyone knows that parenting is difficult: the crying, the sleepless nights, the fact that you’re solely responsible for this life that completely depends on you.

But struggling as a parent doesn’t just mean finding caring for your child challenging.

It also means struggling with other parents in the community who are quick to judge you for every little thing that you do or every mistake that you make.

While you’d assume that parents are sympathetic to each other’s struggles because you are all going through the same thing, it can actually be more like high school cliques where a group of moms judges the other moms for doing things differently.

This is exactly what TikTok creator Brooke, @brookesobasic, surprisingly struggles with when she takes her child to the zoo. It’s not that other moms are judging her for her appearance; instead, they were giving her weird looks about her choice of stroller.

“Every single stroller or, like, baby device that I see that’s going by is, like, a UPPA,” she said. “I keep seeing UPPA, Vista, Mockingbird, the Veer Cruiser, the Wonderfold.”

In case it’s not clear, all of those strollers are pretty high-end. Strollers are already insanely expensive–easily running up a bill ranging from $800 to $1500–and it’s not fair to assume that all parents have the fortune of affording the highest-end stroller.

Some moms may also be economical and choose not to go for the stroller with all the bells and whistles. In either scenario, it doesn’t mean that moms, or parents in general, should be judging other parents for their material choices.

It’s shocking that something as simple as a baby stroller–something that is necessary for the care of a child–is fair game for a critical assessment by other parents.

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