She’s A Makeup Artist Sharing A Story About How The Mother Of A Bride Made Her Cry On The Day Of A Wedding

anatoliy_gleb - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Doing makeup for an entire wedding party is no easy task. On such a big day, everyone’s nerves are running high, and there’s a lot of pressure to make sure that things go according to plan.

TikToker Shelby (@shelbyannbell) is a makeup artist, and she’s telling a story about how the mother of the bride she was doing makeup on made her cry.

So a couple of years ago, Shelby was hired to do makeup for a bridal party. After arriving at the location and setting up her supplies, everything was going smoothly, so there was no cause for concern at the moment.

When it was time for Shelby to do the mother of the bride’s makeup, the mother insisted that Shelby use only her personal products and not anything that Shelby had brought.

In the mom’s makeup bag, there was foundation, eyeliner, blush, and a lip color. Shelby didn’t have much to work with here, but she made do.

After Shelby finished the makeup, the mom took one look in the mirror and declared that she looked like a ghost.

Shelby suggested that they add some bronzer, but the mom refused.

The mom walked off to get an opinion of her makeup from one of her other daughters. When she returned, she grabbed a makeup wipe and scrubbed her entire face of makeup off right in front of Shelby.

And Shelby also did not have time to redo her makeup because she had other clients that day. Shelby was devastated and cried in her car the whole way to her next appointment.

anatoliy_gleb – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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