She’s Explaining All Of The Ways She Got Out Of Bad Dates While Insisting You Always Need To Have An Exit Plan

arthurhidden - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

First dates don’t always go as planned. When your date is going poorly, it’s time to get out of there and fast.

Having a few exit strategies up your sleeve will help you immensely, ensuring that you won’t have to spend grueling hours nodding and smiling your way through a bad first date.

Ariel (@ari_mjx) has a list of things on hand that she has used to get out of bad dates. Feel free to borrow some of them!

Her biggest recommendation is to avoid going to dinner on a first date. A dinner date is much harder to get out of, especially if the other person is picking you up. Instead, Ariel advises viewers to meet their date at a casual spot.

The first of her many bad dates that Ariel discusses was with a guy who claimed his wife had died. He then proceeded to show her a Facebook photo of his wife, but the kicker was that he wasn’t even Facebook friends with his so-called “wife.” So weird!

Like many others, Ariel has chronic anxiety that gives her unpleasant stomach cramps, so she was able to use this to her advantage to quickly leave that super strange date.

Her next bad date was drinks with a conspiracy theorist. You wouldn’t believe the things he had to say.

Of course, Ariel immediately wanted to abandon this date, so she had a friend call in tears with devastating news and in need of emotional support.

In this instance, they used the fact that the friend’s ex-boyfriend had passed away three years ago.

arthurhidden – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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