She’s Explaining Everything You Need To Know About Skin Cycling

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Skin cycling is the newest TikTok beauty trend that is actually backed by professionals. Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist from New York, is the one who is behind the concept.

Skin cycling is a type of skincare routine that runs on a four-day schedule. It allows your face to have a chance to rest after using certain products.

But what products are you supposed to use on each day? That’s the question many users on TikTok are asking.

TikToker Coco Urbon (@cocourbon) is here to answer this question and more. She’s helping to spread the rules of skin cycling and lead you into starting the best skincare routine you’ve ever had.

Coco starts off her video explaining what to do on each of the four days of the cycle. The first day requires you to exfoliate, use retinol on the second day, then ‘recover’ on the third and fourth days.

“So basically, you’re recovering from using harsher products on your skin, so you don’t break the skin barrier,” Coco clarified.

Then, she shows off the products she uses for her skin. On exfoliation day, she uses the Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser and a facial scrubber to exfoliate her face. In addition, she shaves her face to remove any dead skin cells and little hairs.

Next, she steams her face with a facial steamer and employs a blackhead removal tool to extract all the blackheads and whiteheads from her face.

After that, she applies the Farmacy Deep Sweep Toner and goes in with moisturizer as the last step.

nadianb – – illustrative purposes only

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