She’s Feeling Very Uneasy After Discovering A Folder In Her Husband’s Filing Cabinet Containing Documentation Of Their Arguments, Her Financial Records, Her Driver’s License, And Her Social Security Number 

Apparently, this makes her husband feel safer since he is an immigrant living in the U.S., and he claimed that he just wanted to feel secure in the event they ever got divorced.

Despite her husband’s reasoning, though, she hasn’t been able to move past the file she discovered.

“I feel uneasy about this now and am not sure how to proceed,” she vented.

So now, she’s been left wondering whether she should accept her husband’s reasoning at face value or push the conversation further.

How would you feel if you found a file like that in your spouse’s file cabinet? Is it reasonable that her husband wants to protect himself in the event of a divorce? Or do you think the file is over the line? How would you handle this?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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