She’s Going On Her First-Ever Date This Week, And She’s Terrified Of Embarrassing Herself

anetlanda - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old woman will be going on her first-ever date this Friday. And honestly, she is super nervous.

“This will be ‘real life’ with this guy, and no hiding behind a screen,” she said.

She claimed that she is already an extremely quiet and shy person. In the past, she also felt like a major embarrassment around people at college.

That’s why she would just isolate herself in her dorm room for practically the entire two years she was away at school.

So, with her date coming up, she is just terrified of embarrassing herself or making her date regret even meeting up with her.

“I’m a very sweet person,” she explained. “But I’m not like the ‘regular’ or ‘typical’ girl.”

For instance, she has never spoken more than just a few sentences to a guy before. And in terms of friendships, she claims that since she is so boring, she can barely hold onto any friends in real life.

Even when she tried online relationships, those never went anywhere, either. Most of the time, the other person would just lose interest in her after a few days because she “said everything she needed or wanted to say.”

Most of her sentences also tend to start with phrases like, “Imagine this,” or dumb jokes that only she finds funny.

anetlanda – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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