She’s Sharing Her Secret To Creating An Amazing False Lash Effect

In addition, she also has very straight lashes that have no natural curl to them. This trick is sure to work on many different eye shapes and lash types. 

The first step is what most people do in their makeup routine anyway. Start by using an eyelash curler on your lashes.

However, she adds a new technique that many people may not know. The most important thing is to start curling your lashes lightly at the tip first and then move down to the base.

Don’t start at the base. The next step is to use a waterproof black liner to tightline your upper eyelid. This gives your eye a defined line under your mascara that resembles the band of false lashes.

Her preferred choice of mascara is waterproof, because she says that waterproof works best on very straight lashes, but this trick is still possible without waterproof mascara. 

“I’m just going in at the base first, and wiggling and really getting a lot of deposit on the root,” she said while showing the process in her video. “You’re going to see some clumps.”  

After she puts mascara on the base of her lashes and moves in an upward motion to the tips of her lashes, to make sure every inch is coated, she then brings out the lash separator.

This tool has some smaller and thinner metal bristles that help to separate your lashes and break up the clumps.

Her lashes already look like she’s wearing false ones, but she still combs through her lashes from the top, making sure to separate them all. 

“I will repeat these steps about three times until they’re perfect,” she said. “Go in and physically separate each lash because sometimes you turn, and they stick together.” 

The final step is the finishing touch to her look. Once the lashes are all separated, go back in with your mascara to add some more pigment to the outer lashes.

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