She’s Talking About What You Should Do If You Ever Feel Rejected

VlaDee - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Rejection is one of the most unavoidable and painful aspects of the human experience. Whether it creeps up in school, work, or relationships, it’s something we all have to deal with throughout each stage of our lives.

Nobody is immune to it, but some are better at handling it than others.

Relationship coach Arrezo Azim (@arrezoazim) is sharing strategies for dealing with rejection. Arrezo herself has experienced rejection multiple times in her life, so she is no stranger to the sting of it.

The key is always to have a positive mindset. For example, whenever Arrezo was rejected from a job, she kept telling herself that she would find a better opportunity. And she consistently was able to land a more desirable position somewhere else.

However, when her thought patterns weren’t so constructive, that’s when she noticed it was almost like her internal turmoil was reflecting onto her external surroundings.

She claimed that when she was thinking negatively, she couldn’t find better opportunities or complete necessary tasks.

“My emotions were heightened, and I was just really annoyed, and I felt like I needed to say something to stand up for myself, or I felt like I needed to prove myself,” said Arrezo.

What she is describing here is probably what most of us feel in the face of rejection. Maybe we might even want to make others experience the crushing pain we feel ourselves.

Arezzo’s advice is to stop yourself from acting out on these negative emotions. Instead, release them by writing down your feelings, recording them, or venting to another person about them. Then, give yourself time to wait.

VlaDee – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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