Some $1 Bills Can Actually Be Worth As Much As $30,000, And Here’s How You Can Tell

shymar27 - - illustrative purposes only

Grab your wallet and pull out your one-dollar bills! They could be worth far more than a dollar. Possibly even as much as $30,000.

And you could unknowingly be strolling around with thousands in your pocket rather than the few measly ones you thought you had.

But how can you tell which bills are worth big bucks? TikToker @treasuretown is showing you how you can check.

Some dollar bills have unique serial numbers on them that people are willing to pay a substantial amount of money for.

The valuable dollar bill in the video sold for $29,900. It has a serial number with a star note on the left side of the bill and a non-star note serial number on the right side.

Both numbers also ended with the same three digits: 777.

Star notes are produced when an error bill is printed. So they are replacements for the error bills.

These types of bills are a rare find, so when you come across one of them, double-check to see if it is worth something.

“The big thing also to note about this is that this is pretty worn. You can see a fold right there, so somebody literally plucked this out of their pocket change…” said the coin and bill expert.

shymar27 – – illustrative purposes only

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