This Therapist Is Talking About The 5 Green Flags That People Often Misread As Red Flags In A Relationship - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Many of us are quick to spot red flags in potential partners. It’s good to know how to read the warning signs and get out before the relationship progresses any further.

At the same time, it’s also just as crucial for us to be able to recognize what the characteristics of healthy relationships look like.

But sometimes, we’re so focused on the red flags that we tend not to notice the green ones. Or we end up misreading them as negative qualities.

Therapist and TikToker Jeff Guenther (@therapyjeff) is breaking down the five green flags that are often mistaken as red ones.

Looking for these qualities in a partner will help you find yourself in a relationship that actually feels good from the get-go.

The first green flag is if someone is really available. If someone truly likes you, that person will make time for you. Spending time together is essential to building a healthy relationship.

Number two is wanting to do a lot of check-ins. This is how closeness is created. Jeff says he would prefer a person who constantly communicates their feelings over someone who doesn’t express themselves at all.

The third is needing space after a fight. It shows that the person knows how to regulate their emotions after an intense experience and how to deal with disagreement.

Number four is when they directly ask you what you’re looking for on a first date. Clearly, this person does not want to waste anyone’s time or beat around the bush. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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