While Taking Acting Classes, She Was Encouraged To Leave The School, As Some Of Her Instructors Didn’t Think She Had What It Took To Make It In The Entertainment Industry, But She Proved Them Wrong

Boston Public Library, Tichnor Brothers Postcard Collection - pictured above is Lucille

There are so many amazing women in American history whose work continues to inspire and bring joy to others. 

One of these women is the super iconic comedian, actress, and producer Lucille Ball. 

Many people, especially those of a younger generation, may only think of her hit television show I Love Lucy when they hear the name “Lucille Ball.” But there was so much more she accomplished throughout her career while being an inspiration to women in the entertainment industry. This is her story.

Lucille was born in Jamestown, New York, in 1911. As a teenager, she discovered her love for performing and being on stage. She took acting classes and attended the John Murray Anderson School for Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Believe it or not, she was encouraged to leave the school, as some instructors didn’t think she had what it took to make it in the entertainment industry. Boy, did she prove them wrong!

Lucille took on a couple of modeling jobs before moving to Hollywood, California, in the 1930s to become an actress. She starred in a few small acting roles on the screen and stage. 

She was working very hard when she met her husband, Desi Arnaz, a bandleader from Cuba, on a film set in 1940. They fell in love hard and fast and got married that same year. Little did they know, they’d become one of television’s most famous couples. 

Lucille and Desi created and starred in their hit comedy series modeled after their relationship, I Love Lucy, which premiered in 1951. It was incredibly successful and showed the world how talented and wonderful Lucille was. 

I Love Lucy was fresh and innovative, as Lucy and Desi exposed audiences to things they had never seen on television before. 

Boston Public Library, Tichnor Brothers Postcard Collection – pictured above is Lucille

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