She Had To Miss The Birth Of Her Baby Because She Was In The Same Hospital Getting A Life-Saving Procedure

Oksana - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual baby

One of the craziest things about pregnancy is having babies is the way we never know for sure when the baby will actually come.

Doctors do their best to provide accurate due dates, but a baby often does not arrive on their due date, and sometimes comes when the future parents are nowhere near prepared.

One woman had to miss the birth of her baby because she was in the same hospital getting a life-saving procedure. Now, her partner is still upset with her for not being in the delivery room. 

She and her girlfriend, Jane, are both 26 years old and had a baby boy together a few months ago.

She has been dealing with chronic heart issues her entire life. Since she was a baby, she’s had multiple surgeries but went through a period between her late teenage years and her early twenties where she felt fine.

However, while Jane was six months pregnant with their baby, she fell ill. 

“I got really, really ill, and it took a massive toll on my lungs and heart,” she explained.

“I pulled through but spent about a month in the hospital. I felt so awful that I couldn’t be with my girlfriend, but she was super great with it.”

Two days before Jane’s due date, she was rushed back to the hospital because she had a build-up of fluid around her heart that needed to be removed immediately.

Oksana – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual baby

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