She Works As A Hairstylist And Had To Tell A Girl Who Came Into Her Salon That She Couldn’t Cut Her Hair Because It Was Knee-Length

Dasha Petrenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Hairdressers and stylists often work very hard to make us feel great about our hair and how we look. But sometimes, there are limits to what they can do!

One woman recently had to turn away a client since her hair was long enough to reach the floor, and she couldn’t get low enough to cut it because she has bad knees. 

She’s a hairstylist at a salon in the U.K. and recently had a mom book an appointment for her daughter to get a trim and color. The stylist this client usually sees was on vacation, so she had to take on the appointment. 

When the mom booked this appointment with the salon receptionist, she told her that her daughter’s hair was very long and asked if that was alright. The receptionist said yes, as they often get clients with waist-length hair in the salon. 

“Waist length is usually the longest hair I will cut,” she explained.

“I have never had a client with hair longer than this.”

That is until the mom and her daughter walked into the salon.

The daughter had her hair up in a bun when they arrived, and her mom was very thankful that they could come in for an appointment since their usual stylist wasn’t there. 

She had the girl sitting in her chair and asked her to take her hair out of the bun. When she did, she was shocked.

Dasha Petrenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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