She’s Sharing Her 3 Unconventional Safety Tips For Women, And She’s A Black Belt

selenit - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Unfortunately, with the realities of our world, women often face incidents of harassment and assault.

As a result, it’s important that women are able to defend themselves against potential threats and have knowledge of useful strategies to employ when fighting back is necessary.

Kailee Billerbeck (@everydayarmor) is a black belt and has been a certified martial arts instructor for ten years.

She travels across the United States to teach self-defense techniques to those who want to feel safer, more confident, and in control of their lives.

And now, she’s coming onto TikTok to share three unconventional safety tips that all women should know.

First of all, anybody looking to commit a crime of opportunity will be easily startled by small barriers. So if someone is following you or lurking outside your house and making you feel uncomfortable, always try to create some kind of loud noise.

Even bright lights will help draw attention to the situation and scare the person away. For example, use a personal safety alarm that you can attach to your keychain or set off your car alarm.

“This actually happened to a girl in Alabama. She was walking through a parking lot, a guy started chasing after her, she was near her car, set off her car alarm, and it totally spooked him, and he ran away,” said Kailee.

Number two is a physical technique you can utilize in extreme circumstances. If someone is trying to grab you, gouge out their eyes. Here’s how to do it properly, according to Kailee.

selenit – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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