A Guy Drove Her Home From A Date While Intoxicated, And It Made Her Lose Her Desire To Go On Dates

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Drunk driving on a date is a total dealbreaker for most people. Not only is it highly unattractive, but more importantly, it’s unsafe and risks the lives of everyone in the vehicle and on the road.

It also indicates the possibility of more bad behavior occurring in the future. Drunk driving could just be the tip of the iceberg.

So if you’re dating someone who decides to drink and drive, it may be best to reconsider your connection with them.

TikToker Jasmine (@jazmelodyy) is sharing a reenactment of a date she went on where the guy drove her home while intoxicated. In the video, she plays the parts of both the guy and herself.

The clip starts off with her getting into the passenger seat of the car to be driven home after their date. Jasmine thanked him for driving but questioned if he was okay to do so since he had had a couple of drinks.

He replied that he was totally fine. After they had been driving for about ten minutes, he jokingly mentioned how bad it would be if he got pulled over.

Jasmine asked him what he meant by that, and he explained that he wasn’t drunk, but his blood alcohol concentration levels were definitely over the legal limit.

So she clarified that he actually wasn’t supposed to be driving, but he insisted he was probably only at 0.10 percent, so it was still fine.

The legal limit across the United States is .08 percent. Anything higher than that qualifies you as intoxicated. Jasmine sat in the passenger seat, frozen with panic as he continued to drive.

Yaruniv-Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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