She Called Her Friend’s Boyfriend A “Man Baby” When He Started Screaming That He Didn’t Want To Eat Seafood In A Restaurant

Mikhaylovskiy - - illustrative purposes only

This girl planned out a birthday trip with a couple of her girlfriends a few weeks ago and told them that they could bring their partners if they wanted to. In the end, the group was three girls and their boyfriends, and while she is close with her friends, she considers their boyfriends just acquaintances of hers.

She and her friend Annie decided to think of restaurant options in the area so that they could determine which one to make reservations at. They started a group chat with everyone who would be attending and let everyone know what restaurants they were considering.

During the trip, the group headed over to a popular seafood bar in the area. However, her other friend Trina and Trina’s boyfriend Patrick started to act a bit strange once they were seated.

Patrick was mumbling and grumbling something under his breath, trying to get Trina’s attention, but she wouldn’t look at him and just kept sighing. Out of the blue, Trina said to the group that everything on the menu sounded bad and implied that they should find a different place to eat.

“The table just looked at her, horrified. Trina and I have been friends for years; we have gone out to eat sushi and seafood boil together on multiple occasions, so this was a shock,” she explained.

Then, Patrick started talking similarly, questioning how anyone would want to eat raw fish anyway. Meanwhile, Trina avoided eye contact with her and Annie while the group was still confused and shocked by the conversation.

“I decided to break the awkward silence and ask him if he remembered how we all agreed to these restaurants, how Annie and I spent all our free time researching these places and sent options in our group chat, why he was against it now,” she explained.

At this point, Patrick started to raise his voice and told her that there was no way he was going to open the thousands of messages he claimed they sent each day when, in reality, there were 20 at most.

This group chat was not one full of spam, either. It was solely to share restaurants and sites in the area that she and Annie thought the group might want to experience together. She tried to explain all of this to him, but he clearly didn’t want to hear any of it.

Mikhaylovskiy – – illustrative purposes only

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