She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Started Questioning Her About All Her Past Boyfriends, And Then She Had To Scream At Him To Take Her Home

Dasha Petrenko - - illustrative purposes only

Letting someone pick you up on the first date is tempting. First of all, it’s convenient, and it saves you money. And secondly, the idea is just so romantic. Will they present you with a bouquet of roses and open the car door for you? That’s the fantasy that runs through every woman’s mind.

But are convenience and romantic ideals worth sacrificing your safety? There’s always a risk when getting into a car with a stranger.

TikToker Katie (@nashvillekatie) is talking about her near-death experience on one of the worst first dates she’s ever had.

So she matched with a guy on Hinge, and he ended up planning their whole date. He made dinner reservations and picked her up from her place.

After he picked her up, she realized that he was in the army, which was red flag number one for her. The second red flag came up when he immediately started discussing the topics of marriage and kids.

When they arrived at the restaurant, he ordered a nice bottle of wine. They were having a pretty great conversation until he questioned her about all her past boyfriends.

Katie recognizes that is an important subject to discuss, but not on a first date and not when other people are sitting two feet away from her. She felt super uncomfortable and was getting weird vibes from this guy.

Throughout dinner, Katie drank a glass and a half of wine while he downed the rest of the bottle. After dinner, they walked down the street to a bar, where he proceeded to knock back four beers.

Then, he mentioned that his friend was in a band, and he wanted to stop by another bar to see his friend play. So they started heading over to the other bar, but Katie noticed that they were going in the opposite direction the bar was in.

Dasha Petrenko – – illustrative purposes only

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