She’s Talking About A Funny Bad Date Her Friend Went On With A Guy Who Had Tattoos of Cartoon Mice On His Kneecaps

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Tattoos can be an excellent form of self-expression, but sometimes, the artwork you see on some people’s bodies can be…questionable, to say the least.

Kristen Thomas (@coachkristen) is sharing on TikTok about a funny bad date that her friend went on with a guy who had tattoos of cartoon mice.

So Kristen had a client who was talking about how she felt bad for her brother because he was so wonderful, yet he was having a hard time with dating.

Kristen told her client that she had a friend who was single and lived in the same town as her brother. So they set the two of them up on a date.

But later, when Kristen’s friend came over to her place to tell her how the date went, Kristen could see from the look on her friend’s face that she definitely had not done her friend any favors by setting her up on that date.

From what her friend told her, Kristen understood that they had not been a compatible match. But it also wasn’t that simple.

Kristen’s friend went over to the guy’s apartment for their first date. When she walked inside, she noticed an anime poster on his wall. She asked him questions about it and didn’t like his responses, so that was the first sign that things weren’t going to work out.

Then, at some point, he had apparently gone into his room to change his clothes. And when he came out, he was wearing a pair of shorts, which revealed the tattoos on his kneecaps.

The tattoos were of the characters Pinky and the Brain from a children’s cartoon about a genius mouse and his not-so-smart sidekick. His left kneecap depicted an image of Pinky, while his right one had the Brain.

TravelMedia – – illustrative purposes only

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