She’s Talking About How She Retaliated Against Her Ex-Boyfriend For Breaking Up With Her And Launching Into A New Relationship Immediately Afterward

Maridav - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A scorned lover will do pretty much anything to get back at an ex who wronged them. TikToker Rochelle (@whoashell) is talking about how she retaliated against her ex-boyfriend for breaking up with her and launching into a new relationship immediately afterward.

Rochelle is vegan, and last year, she was dating a guy who was also vegan. But he broke up with her, stating that the reason for their breakup was that they were both vegan.

He believed those who followed a vegan diet should be dating meat eaters and trying to convert them into vegans for the betterment of the planet.

Three days later, she discovered he was dating a new girl. Rochelle confronted him about it, asking if the new girl was a meat eater. He said that she ate chicken, and about a month into their relationship, he had successfully converted her to a vegan.

Rochelle expected them to break up soon afterward, but as time passed, they continued to stay together. He had already introduced the girl to his family and took her to his family’s vacation home in Vermont for the summer.

So she decided to travel to where he lived in an attempt to win him back. However, her mission failed, so she tweaked her plan.

Instead, she would make him think that she slept with his coworker as revenge. Rochelle enlisted one of her friends to scroll through her vegan ex-boyfriend’s list of connections on LinkedIn until she found someone who worked at the same company as him.

Then, Rochelle typed the coworker’s name into Instagram and looked through her account. The third photo on the coworker’s page was of her with Rochelle’s ex and another guy at a company outing.

Rochelle directed her friend to search for the other guy’s name on LinkedIn to confirm if they all worked together. Once she determined that they did, Rochelle examined his Instagram profile and came upon a juicy tidbit of information.

Maridav – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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