The Strange Disappearance Of Samantha Sperry, A 25-Year-Old Who Vanished After Allegedly Going Four-Wheeler Riding With Her Boyfriend’s Father

Facebook - pictured above is Samantha

Born on August 20, 1992, Samantha Rose Sperry grew up in Symsonia, Kentucky, and attended Graves County High School.

But, by the time she was 25-years-old, she had moved to Murray, Kentucky, and worked at a local McDonald’s. Samantha and her husband had recently separated, and they shared custody of their daughter and son.

At the same time, she was in a relationship with 30-year-old Rhen, who was reportedly Samantha’s on-again and off-again boyfriend.

And on the day before Samantha strangely disappeared, the couple allegedly got into an argument.

It all began on March 27, 2018, when Samantha and Rhen reportedly visited the property of Paul, Rhen’s uncle– located in Graves County, Kentucky.

Rhen’s father, Dusty, also lived in an apartment on the same property. And according to Dusty, his son Rhen and Samantha started having a verbal argument.

This ended with Rhen taking Samantha’s vehicle and driving back to her house to spend the night.

Afterward, Dusty claimed that he and Samantha opted to go four-wheeling that afternoon in the Kaler Bottoms area. However, before nightfall, Dusty said they got stuck in a swampy area.

So, Samantha and Dusty did not walk out of the woods until the following morning of March 28, 2018. The pair reportedly spent the night before wet, tired, and out in the cold.

Facebook – pictured above is Samantha

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