A Guy She Was Seeing Insisted That They Should Be Exclusive Before He Left For A Trip, But Then He Cheated On Her And Asked For A Second Chance

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Unfortunately, people cheat on each other. It’s not exactly uncommon, although it is difficult to gauge how many people have been unfaithful since most aren’t very eager to share that they’ve been messing around behind their partners’ backs.

The Institute for Family Studies estimated that about twenty percent of men and thirteen percent of women cheat on their spouses. For many couples, cheating is an absolute dealbreaker, and here is one story that ends with a relationship in shambles.

TikToker Sage (@sagee.k) is talking about how she was cheated on by a guy who insisted that their relationship be exclusive after he left for a trip.

So last year, she was seeing this guy who was a pilot. One time, he went on a flight to the city of Kelowna, and Sage had a gut feeling that something bad had happened.

When he returned, he blamed her for giving him an infection, even though she had gotten tested before they hooked up. She took his seemingly random accusation as a sign that he had been up to something shady during his trip to Kelowna.

A couple of weeks later, he got stranded in Toronto and wasn’t able to come back. Sage had already packed up all his belongings because she knew the relationship was over, and she wanted to be done with him and move on.

The next morning, she received a notification on social media and saw a picture of him under the covers with another woman.

She called him multiple times, but he never answered the phone. It was only when she blocked him that he showed up three days later to pick up his stuff.

When he arrived, she confronted him about the photo. He refused to tell her who the girl in the picture was, but she assumed the girl was a flight attendant.

galika – illustrative purposes only

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