Her Boyfriend’s Work As A Chef Always Infatuates People, And His Interesting Life Makes Her Feel Like She’s Living In His Shadow

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This 24-year-old woman has a boyfriend, who is 28. And their lines of work could not be more different.

She currently works in corporate; meanwhile, her boyfriend is an established chef whose entire life has been spent traveling and doing spontaneous things.

While she thinks her boyfriend’s accomplishments and lifestyle are incredible, she also loves him for who he is– not just his “cool” life.

Still, she has one major issue with their relationship: she feels like she’s constantly living in her boyfriend’s shadow.

Whenever they are around strangers, for instance, she just feels like a nobody. Her boyfriend will mention that he is a chef or has a connection to somewhere that a stranger has lived, and all of a sudden, people are infatuated with him.

“I love that, and at times, I am the one to bring things up about him,” she clarified.

“But then, I’m usually left standing there with nothing to say.”

Now, she is not shy or introverted. Instead, she actually claimed to be a really extroverted person who is known for being easy to talk to and charismatic.

Yet, whenever she and her boyfriend meet someone new– and they hear that her boyfriend is a chef and she works a “boring” corporate job– no one ever tries to get to know her better.

vectorfusionart – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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