Her Husband And His Family Started Calling Her A Nickname That Only Her Late Mother Used To Use, So She Told Her Husband To Stop, But He Claimed She Should Have Gotten Over It By Now

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This 28-year-old woman named Lucy has a husband who is 30. And her husband has always been extremely fond of nicknames in general– which is why he’s given her a bunch.

Apparently, the nicknames are constantly changing, and she’s never really minded any of the nicknames her husband had given her in the past.

“They’re all quite harmless, usually food or animal-related. But they tend to stick for quite a while,” she said.

Her in-laws also happen to use a ton of nicknames– occasionally giving her some, too. And if the nickname her husband calls her isn’t too sappy, his family will just join in and use the same one.

She wanted to make it clear that she really didn’t care about this, either. Instead, she actually found the habit pretty endearing and cute.

But that was until more recently when her husband began to call her “Lulu.”

For context, she was only ever called Lulu by her mom while she was growing up. Then, not too long before she first met her husband, her mom sadly passed away.

“I took my mom’s loss pretty hard. I told my husband that it [the nickname] has a lot of emotional significance for me and that it doesn’t feel right to hear anyone else say it,” she explained.

“He respected that for years, and so did his family.”

Felix/ – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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