She Caught Her Sister-In-Law Breaking Her Fine China On Camera, So She Served Her Dinner On A Kid’s Plate With A Sippy Cup To Get Revenge On Her

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Do you know someone who would go to almost any lengths to get rid of something they don’t like?

One woman recently upset her sister-in-law by serving her dinner on a kid’s plate after she purposefully broke multiple pieces of her fine china.

She’s 30, and she and her husband often like to have family dinners at their house at least once a month. This includes her 32-year-old sister-in-law, who is quite the handful.

“I have some sets of fine china that I like to switch out between the seasons that I’ve inherited from my grandmother,” she explained.

“When we have our get-togethers, I serve dinner on these plates. My mother-in-law compliments them every time.”

“My sister-in-law, however, has made comments to me that ‘they’re not her style.’ I honestly didn’t think twice about her comment about it until this past February, when one of my plates was put in the sink, broken.”

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of a string of broken plate incidents. In April, her sister-in-law “accidentally” dropped her and her boyfriend’s plates after dinner. Then, in May, her sister-in-law broke two more plates. The following month, it was a plate and a cup. 

Her mom told her what her sister-in-law was doing couldn’t have been an accident, so she had her install a security camera in her dining room to see if these incidents were actually accidental.

In July, she and her husband had her mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and her sister-in-law’s boyfriend over for dinner.

Mr. Music – illustrative purposes only

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