She Considers Her Son’s Ex-Girlfriend To Be Her Daughter And She Invites Her To Everything, But Her Son’s Wife Just Told Her To Stop Since It Makes Her Uncomfortable

Vicky - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When a family member breaks up with someone they brought around the family for years, it can affect a lot of people.

One woman has become a parental figure for her son’s high school girlfriend and keeps inviting her to family events even though he’s now happily married to someone else.

She and her husband have a son who was with his girlfriend, Sabrina, for a long time. He started dating Sabrina in high school, and they broke up during their college years. Over the years they dated, Sabrina became a member of their family.

“She is, in my eyes, our daughter,” she explained.

“Her family [members] are awful people, and she sees us as her parental figures. She even is planning to have my husband walk her down the aisle when she gets married.”

When Sabrina and their son broke up, she and her husband refused to cut contact with Sabrina since they saw her as their daughter. Since then, she’s invited Sabrina to all kinds of family events despite the break-up. Her son wasn’t thrilled about it, but he’s since moved on. 

Her son is 27 and got married to his wife, Bethany. Sabrina moved on as well and is currently engaged. 

Unfortunately, she hasn’t connected with her new daughter-in-law as much as she has with Sabrina. Anytime she’s tried to get close to Bethany, Bethany doesn’t reciprocate the same desire.

“We never clicked,” she said.

Vicky – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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