She Cost Her Friend’s Boyfriend A Job After She Was Honest About How Rude This Guy Is

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If you gain a poor reputation, as you may know, word travels fast, and it could prevent you from moving forward in life. 

One woman was honest about her friend’s rude boyfriend while speaking to someone who had a job opportunity for him, and now her friend isn’t speaking to her.

She’s 27-years-old and has a good friend named Natalie. Unfortunately, Natalie is dating a guy named Jamie, who is not a great guy.

“Jamie is a complete jerk,” she said.

“He’s one of those people who makes below-the-belt jokes and then calls you sensitive if you don’t find it funny. In the 18 months I have known him, he has called Natalie fat, average, [and] boring to her face too many times to count.”

Natalie isn’t the only one who has been his with insults from Jamie, as he’s also attacked her and other friends of theirs. However, she feels as though she and her friend group have to put up with Jamie because if they didn’t, they’d never get to see Natalie.

She has a roommate named Harry, who is also a part of her and Natalie’s friend group. Harry’s company recently had a job opening, and Natalie asked if he’d interview Jamie for the position.

Although Harry is in their friend group, he hasn’t spent much time with Jamie, so he doesn’t know much about him and initially thought he seemed like an okay guy. But when Harry brought up Jamie around her the other night at home, he couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable she became.

“I didn’t mention anywhere near the extent of Jamie’s behavior, [I] just said he’d made a couple of demeaning remarks to [and] about me, and I wasn’t overly keen on being around when he was,” she recalled.

Flamingo Images – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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