She Didn’t Invite Her Dad’s Side of The Family To Her Wedding, Since They Never Make An Effort To Be In Her Life, But When They Found Out They Were Excluded, They Berated Her Mom

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This 30-year-old woman’s father sadly passed away when she was 11. Her father has two brothers and two sisters, who all have children, and all of the families live in different cities, so they would have had to make a conscious effort to stay in touch.

She just got married, and she and her husband paid for everything. Like most Indian weddings, they paid for the food, the venue, and hotel rooms for their guests.

Since her father died 20 years ago, her father’s side of the family hasn’t been present in her life.

“Sure, when my dad passed, they helped out with finances,” she explained. “My brother had a medical history, and we think it’s because of the fact that they might have had to fund us during an emergency that they eventually stopped calling us.”

Several years ago, her brother had kidney failure, and her father’s side of the family, unfortunately, didn’t offer much support during this difficult time.

“My brother’s been on dialysis and multiple times in ICU. My mom informed my dad’s family, but no one came down to visit us. Ever. So, we stopped sharing. I think this hurt the most. Mind you, they’d post stories of all their travels but somehow didn’t have the time for this,” she said.

Later on, she found out on Instagram that one of her cousins threw a huge engagement party and didn’t invite her or her family.

Afterward, her cousin told her and her family that they only invited immediate family. Now, that cousin’s family doesn’t keep in contact with her or her family, making it clear that they were distancing themselves.

Throughout the years since her father’s passing, his side of the family has only come to visit her family on two occasions. However, her mom went to see her dad’s family multiple times, always making an effort to stay in contact.

bigguns – illustrative purposes only

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