She Had A Harrowing Experience With A Delivery Driver Who Refused To Leave Her House One Night After She Ordered Groceries

“I always remember the chill down my spine when he said, ‘Pretty, very pretty,’ in a low monotone,” she shared.

Even worse, when she opened the door, she noticed that he had his phone out, pointed right at her. She asked him what he was doing, and he claimed that he had to take a picture of the delivered order.

But she accurately explained how odd and creepy it was that he never pointed his phone down toward the bag on the ground.

Then, she grabbed her delivery bag, slammed the door, and locked it. She peeked outside through her curtains at the window and watched the man pacing back and forth at the door. It was as if he was debating on what to do. He knocked on the door, and she refused to open it.

When he still hadn’t left, she called her best friend for advice. Her friend told her not to open the door and to report the man. So, she once again shouted through the mailbox slot for him to leave. But he didn’t.

By this point, her dog, normally very sweet, picked up on the situation and the owner’s anxiety and began barking at the door.

At last, the man turned away from the door and walked to his car, which was parked across the street from her house.

However, he didn’t drive away. For over 10 minutes, he sat in his car. At first, she thought he was in the process of selecting another delivery order to do.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. She received a message on the delivery service app from the man saying that he’d forgotten to give her a bag that was part of her grocery order, and he asked her to come out to his car to get it.

She checked her delivery that was already in the house, and nothing was missing. She messaged him back to say that the bag wasn’t hers.

But he was insistent that it was a part of her order. He told her that he couldn’t leave until she picked up the bag from his car. She said that he was “practically begging” her to come outside. He also told her it wouldn’t take long and suggested that she could just grab the bag from the passenger side of the car.

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