She Walked Into A Gas Station One Night And When She Came Out, She Found A Man Trying To Get Into The Passenger Side of Her Car

Artur Nyk - illustrative purposes only

This woman had a terrifying experience 15 years ago when she was 23-years-old. She had just left her boyfriend’s house in the city, and the sun had just set when she needed to get gas. She chose to stop at a gas station still within the city that was near a bridge just off the highway.

The pump she was using had a “pre-pay” sign on it, so she went inside to pay before filling her tank with gas.

At the time, automatic locks weren’t yet standard on cars, but she always made sure to lock her car. And she felt relieved that she did because of what happened next.

“After pre-paying, I walked back to my car, and as I approached the driver’s side, I noticed a man on the passenger side, trying to anxiously open my passenger door–several times, rapidly. He looked up and noticed me. He looked a little panicked and annoyed,” she explained.

Obviously terrified, she asked the man to step away. She looked around and saw that no other cars were at the gas station.

In an annoyed voice, the man essentially demanded that she give him a ride over the bridge. Once more, he tried to open her door, and it was lucky that she hadn’t yet unlocked her car.

“I said no, firmly, and asked him again to step away. He said, ‘C’mon, it’s only a short distance. And I said, ‘Well, if it’s so short a distance, then you can walk; It’s a nice evening and not too cold out,'” she shared.

The man didn’t seem to accept her answer. He gave her an angry look and didn’t move. Again, she demanded that he move away from her car. She then told him to have a good night and that he needed to leave.

“I stared him down as he finally, slowly, sulked off, again glaring at me. I waited until he was pretty far away, and only then did I frantically unlock the car and speed off,” she said.

Artur Nyk – illustrative purposes only

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