She Was Last Seen Getting Into A Male Friend’s White Pickup Truck Back In 1998, And This Man Claimed He Dropped Her Off At Her Aunt’s House, But None of Her Relatives Saw Her There

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency - pictured above is Christy

The family of Christy Lyn Garrad, a mother of two from Alabama, is still searching for answers about what happened to her after she vanished in 1998.

The year of her disappearance, Christy was a 24-year-old mom of a young son and daughter and lived in Boaz, Alabama. Her family described her as a free spirit, and they all lived locally in Boaz.

On the morning of August 14th, 1998, Christy was seen getting into a male friend’s white pickup truck around 9:00 a.m. Allegedly, she had spent the previous night with this man and told her son, Kristian, she’d be back the next day.

However, Christy never returned.

Christy’s loved ones knew she liked to stay with different friends and relatives from time to time, so when they didn’t see her for the first few days, they didn’t think anything of it. But after a week passed with no sign of her, they grew worried, and her parents reported her missing to the police.

Christy’s father, Olen Morrison, was the Boaz fire chief at the time and rallied friends from the fire and police departments to search for her. He claims to have driven thousands of miles searching for some sign of his daughter and found nothing.

Although the exact name of the man who picked up Christy that day hasn’t been released to the public, he was questioned by police and claimed he had dropped off Christy at her aunt’s house, but none of her relatives saw her there.

Throughout the years, the Boaz and DeKalb County authorities have received tips from people claiming to have come across Christy’s body, yet none of the evidence pointed to her.

Christy’s family members have had to presume that she was likely murdered. Yet, since her body has not been recovered, they’ve had to suffer from a lack of closure. Since her disappearance, her parents raised money for a memorial and gravestone for her, which is located in a cemetery near their home so her son can visit it.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency – pictured above is Christy

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