She Went On A Date That Was So Horrible She Left In The Middle of It, Walked Across The Highway To A Car Dealership, And Asked To Test Drive A Car So She Could Get A Ride Home

Red Riding Hood - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been on a date so bad that you couldn’t even stick it out until the check came? TikToker @ashes_in_mae went on a date that was so horrible she left in the middle of it, walked across the highway to a car dealership, and asked to test drive any available car so she could have a ride home.

So, she had been seeing this guy for about a month or two, and he had very traditional values. The fact that she didn’t share those same views really bothered him.

Other than that, they didn’t have any issues in their relationship. Every so often, they would get into debates about their opposing viewpoints. For the most part, they kept their conversations respectful and were able to exchange their ideas in a safe space.

But one day, while they were on a date, their usually friendly discussions took an ugly turn. He had always been strongly against her stance on children and child care. She liked kids but was not certain she wanted to become a mother someday.

He believed that it was necessary for women to have kids because they were what completed the traditional family unit. He also thought women should stay home with the children and men should be the primary breadwinners.

At the time, she was in college and had taken many child development and psychology classes. In those classes, she learned that the research showed it didn’t matter which parent stayed home with the children, just as long as they were a consistent, supportive caretaker.

So basically, her argument was that men were just as capable as women of being loving, nurturing caretakers. But for some reason, he was very insulted by her argument. As a result, he lashed out, accusing her of having “daddy issues,” amongst other things.

She told him that the conversation was over if he continued to make digs at her. He couldn’t stop with the rude remarks, so she left in the middle of their date.

He had picked her up for their date, so she didn’t have a way to get home. She decided to walk over to a nearby car dealership and ask for a ride there.

Red Riding Hood – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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