She Went On A Girl’s Trip With Her Friend, But Her Friend’s Constant Politeness And Manners Really Annoyed Her

romablack - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 35-year-old woman recently went on a girl’s trip with one of her friends.

Apparently, she’s known her friend for a super long time. But they both lead very busy lives filled with kids and jobs– which is why they don’t always have time to catch up.

So, they planned this girl’s trip just to reconnect and have some fun with each other.

“And we did have a great trip and a lot of fun!” she prefaced.

However, there was one thing about her friend’s behavior that really irked her. She claimed to find her friend’s manners and politeness to be pretty annoying and “over the top.”

For instance, her friend would reportedly apologize for any and every tiny thing that happened.

“Me having to stand and wait while she made a purchase, having makeup out on the bathroom counter, bumping into me, etc.,” she explained.

On top of that, her friend would offer to let her taste anything that she was eating, and her friend would always try to fill up any moments of silence by asking her questions about her family members.

“Or defer to my preference in what we do or where we go,” she added.

romablack – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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