She’s Sharing With You The White Base Makeup Hack

makistock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Artists in the makeup world are always coming up with new and creative ways to achieve the most coveted looks out there. Every day, filters are used on social media to try and depict the perfect makeup, even if you are rocking a bare face.

Have you ever wanted to look like you are walking around with a beauty filter on your face all day? This makeup hack claims to create a flawless finish that looks picture-perfect!

TikTok creator and beauty guru Mireya Rios (@mireyarios) shares how to follow a makeup hack that she learned from a makeup artist who specializes in creating beautiful looks for Quinceaneras and weddings.

As everyone knows, special events like these always need a professional makeup artist who knows what they are doing!

To achieve the look, you will first want to find a white base that is either a cream or a liquid and apply it all over your face with a brush. Even though you might end up looking like a ghost for a minute or two, this step is crucial to the final result.

Applying this base will even out any discoloration or trouble areas and create a great blank canvas for the rest of your makeup.

Next, take the darkest shade of foundation on your own. Perhaps the shade you use when you’re super tan or one that you ordered by mistake.

Start to apply this to the white base you have created, and trust the process. The combination of these two shades often creates a great color and a blurred finish.

After this, add concealer, contour, and blush as you normally would. For this look, it’s recommended to use a liquid blush that you can easily dab on your cheeks for a youthful look.

makistock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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