She’s Talking About A Creepy Experience She Had In An Elevator During The Middle of The Night

krsmanovic - - illustrative purposes only

Being in an elevator is stressful enough, especially if you’re afraid of heights. The idea of ascending farther away from the stability of the ground while standing in a small, enclosed metal box does not sound appealing. But when you add in an element of horror, elevators become scarier than ever.

TikToker Florence (@glambyflo) is talking about a creepy experience she had in an elevator during the middle of the night.

When she was 15-years-old, she visited the city of Toronto and stayed with a family who lived in a huge block of apartments.

One night, she was out late and traveled by subway to get back to the apartment block. She arrived there at around midnight and stepped into the elevator.

But she forgot what floor the family’s apartment was on, so she just took a guess and pressed the button of a random number. The elevator started going up and down between various floors that she had not selected.

It was as if many people on different floors had requested the elevator. Finally, it stopped on the tenth floor. However, when the doors opened, she saw that the hallway was pitch black and completely empty. There wasn’t a person in sight, and there also weren’t any doors.

She hit the button to close the elevator doors as quickly as possible. She was so spooked that she decided to just go down to the lobby and climb the stairwell.

While she was taking the stairs, she suddenly remembered that the apartment was on the twelfth floor. So she walked all the way back up. The weird part was that when she reached the apartment and checked the time, it was three in the morning.

But Florence distinctly remembered getting into the elevator at one. She still doesn’t know if she had lost track of time or if she had somehow entered a parallel universe.

krsmanovic – – illustrative purposes only

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