Everyone Is Obsessed With These Suggestions For Wine and Potato Chip Pairings

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Do you love enjoying a sophisticated beverage like a glass of wine but also love indulging in the occasional cheap snack like potato chips?

If you were to walk into a nice winery and ask what bottle of red goes best with a bag of Lay’s, you might get publicly humiliated.

Thankfully, the creators behind the @wineenthusiast Instagram account have given wine and chip lovers a gift by making a post all about which kinds of wine to pair with certain types of potato chips, and the internet is having a blast testing out these pairings.

When reading the back of wine bottles and the suggested food pairings listed, you often see something elegant like seafood, oysters, desserts, steaks, etc.

But sometimes, you just want to enjoy a glass of wine with your favorite convenience store snack, like potato chips.

Potato chips come in so many flavors, and of course, not every kind of wine would work for any flavor. That’s where Wine Enthusiast comes in.

Their cute post on potato chip wine pairings, which has received a lot of attention online, gives a great rundown of which wines work the best with each flavor of salty snack.

Are you a big fan of salt and vinegar chips? Wine Enthusiast says to pair them with a glass of Assyrtiko, a white wine from Greece. If you want a glass of something boozy to wash down your favorite barbecue chip, Wine Enthusiast recommends Grenache, a red wine made from one of the most widely distributed grapes in the world.

Author and TikTok creator Eli Rallo (@elirallo) has brought a lot of attention to the Wine Enthusiast post after making a series of videos where she tries each of their recommended pairings.

Ekaterina_Molchanova – illustrative purposes only

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