He Admitted To Loving His Girlfriend’s Dog More Than His Stepbrother, Who Made His Life Horrible For Years, And His Mom Screamed At Him

adrianad - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

This 20-year-old guy has always had a strained relationship with his 21-year-old stepbrother, Andrew, ever since his mom married Andrew’s father about six years ago.

It all began when his mom and new stepdad forced him to move out of his bedroom just so Andrew could have the room to himself. Apparently, his stepbrother just was not interested in sharing.

“They made me sleep on the couch instead of getting another bed,” he recalled.

From then on, Andrew made his life really difficult. His stepbrother spent the following years making fun of him for the hobbies that interested him and calling him feminine, mainly because he was obsessed with origami.

And just two years ago, his stepbrother did the unthinkable. Andrew hooked up with his girlfriend.

“The day I found out was the final day I actually considered Andrew to be my brother. After that, he was just my mom’s stepson,” he revealed.

Well, just yesterday, it was Andrew’s birthday, and he had not seen his stepbrother in over a year. So, he opted not to attend the birthday party.

His mom obviously noticed, though, and reached out afterward– asking him why he didn’t bother dropping by with a present.

He took the opportunity to be honest and simply told his mother that he didn’t care at all about Andrew’s birthday.

adrianad – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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