He Finally Told His Girlfriend That They Started Dating While He Was Cheating On His Ex, And Now He’s Not Sure How To Win Back Her Trust

makedonski2015 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old guy dated a woman named Mel for a few years, and he ultimately fell out of love with her.

However, he still kept dating Mel, and toward the end of their relationship, he wound up moving to a new town. This caused them to become a long-distance couple, and things got a bit messy.

After moving, he met a new woman named Sam. And he claimed to have instantly fallen in love with her.

“But I still hadn’t broken up with my current girlfriend,” he revealed.

Still, he and Sam hung out together and went out on dates for about a month or so. It was not until after that that he traveled home and finally broke up with his now ex-girlfriend, Mel.

“The issue on my part is that I never mentioned having a girlfriend to Sam, and I never told Mel about what I was doing while I was away,” he explained.

Instead, after returning home, he kept his mouth shut. And now, he and Sam have been dating for nearly a year, and she still has no idea that he was cheating with her at the start of their relationship.

Apparently, this lie has been eating away at him, too, and he always knew that, eventually, the day would come when he would just have to come clean.

Well, that happened a couple of days ago, and the truth finally came out. He told Sam the entire story about how he had cheated with her on his ex-girlfriend, Mel, and admitted to keeping the secret for so long.

makedonski2015 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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