He Found His Wife Cheating In Their Bedroom After Returning Home Unexpectedly, So He Kicked Her Out of The House, And She Wound Up Losing Her Life In A Hit-And-Run

Well, as soon as he opened the door, he found his wife in bed with another man. And he was immediately tossed into a fit of rage.

According to him, his wife had never given him any doubts in their marriage. Whenever a random guy tried to flirt with her in the past, his wife always just shut it down. So, he never thought she was capable of cheating on him.

At that moment, he reportedly grabbed his wife, tossed her out of the bed, and told her to get out of their home. The guy she was with just seemed shocked and had no clue what was going on.

Not long afterward, his wife began to tear up. But honestly, he just wanted her out. That’s why he dragged her downstairs, kicked her out, and slammed the door on his wife.

“I admit I could have handled it better, but I was seeing red. I could not think straight, but all I wanted was for her not to be anywhere near me,” he revealed.

A few minutes after he kicked his wife out, he heard her sobbing and knocking on their front door. While he felt sorry for her, though, he couldn’t stand to look at her and decided not to open the door.

At that point, his mind was also racing as he asked himself a ton of questions about their relationship. He wondered if there were shortcomings in how he cared for his wife, if he didn’t show his love enough, or if she felt unfulfilled.

This pushed him not to sleep at all that night. And later, he did start to feel bad about how he didn’t give his wife an opportunity to defend herself or, at the very least, collect some of her belongings.

So, he went to open the front door– intending to let his wife back inside– but she was not there.

“I assumed she had left with the unknown man,” he explained.

It was not until the following morning that a police officer visited his home and knocked on his front door. He was still on edge, and seeing police pull up only made him more anxious.

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