He Told Wife To Leave Their House After She Stole His Mom’s Credit Card, Her Dad’s Credit Card, And Then Used His New One Without His Permission To Buy Whatever She Wanted

zvkate - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In January, this man’s wife was fired from her job.

While working, she saw a debit card on the floor, and since it was a Chase card, she thought it was hers.

The next day, she bought juice boxes for their children before dropping them off at daycare and heading to work.

Two hours later, cops arrived at her workplace and arrested her because the debit card she’d picked up off the ground and then used was a co-worker’s.

Around April or May, his wife developed an online gambling addiction. She didn’t tell him about it, but he discovered this in the middle of July.

“In the interim of this time, I caught her at the end of June using up $1,400 over the two-to-three-month period,” he said.

He didn’t find out about rapid spending until after he looked at his banking history and saw strange charges from phone apps and games that he disputed with his bank.

Later, he learned that after she’d depleted all her own savings, she was using his card (not a card connected to a shared account for mutual bills) and spending money from his savings account on these gambling apps.

Then, halfway through July, he started becoming firmer with his wife about her behavior.

zvkate – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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