Her Gorgeous Best Friend Stole Her Crush From Her

GTeam - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Best friends are there for us through thick and thin. But sometimes, jealousy can tear even the strongest friendships apart.

This 17-year-old girl has known her best friend, also 17, since they were 5-years-old.

“My best friend is gorgeous. She looks like an actress, and all the guys want her. She knows this,” she said.

Tragically, her best friend has not had a stable, secure upbringing. Her father was wealthy, but he left her mother, and so she and her mother financially struggled from then on.

Growing up, her best friend’s mom told her she wanted her to marry a rich man and have a financially comfortable life. However, her best friend doesn’t seem to want to adhere to her mother’s advice about finding a career where she will make an impressive income.

“My friend has told me numerous times that she wants to become a journalist. She has social anxiety and says I’m the only person she feels comfortable with, and I feel like she is faking it,” she shared.

Not long ago, she met a cute guy, and she quickly fell for him. Apparently, he has a wealthy family.

Since they’d been friends for so long and could talk about anything, she gushed to her friend about her new crush.

Yesterday, she and her crush had a date planned, and she decided to invite her best friend along. Her friend agreed to come with them, and it was her friend’s first time meeting her crush.

GTeam – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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