Her Husband Announced That She Was Pregnant To His Family And Invited His Mom To The Birth Without Even Asking Her First

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This woman is finally pregnant– nine weeks along, to be exact– after trying to have a child for just under two years.

So, when she announced the news to her husband, she immediately asked him to keep her pregnancy a secret until her doctor confirmed it.

“The line looked more like an indent line,” she recalled.

Well, rather than listening to her, her husband decided to tell his entire family that she was expecting.

While she was pretty upset with her husband over that, though, she did let it slide.

But she’s now completely furious with her husband over something way worse. Apparently, he randomly informed her that he had invited his mother to the birth!

“And my mother-in-law not only accepted but is excited!” she revealed.

Now, she honestly hates her mother-in-law. Apparently, the woman is abusive and plays favorites among her kids.

On top of that, her mother-in-law hated her guts until she found out that she was pregnant and always acted really jealous of her.

Atlas – illustrative purposes only

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