Her Husband Lets Her Daughter Get Away With Anything, So She Told Him If He Overrules Her And Enables Their Daughter’s Bad Behavior One More Time, They’re Getting Divorced

michaeljung - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has been with her husband for the last eight years. She already has three children from her last relationship, and she and her husband are going to have a baby soon. This will be her husband’s first biological child, and this will be her last pregnancy.

Over the last year, her husband has been allowing her 11-year-old daughter’s bad behavior to slide without correcting her.

His reasoning is that her daughter has been going through growing up and has constant mood swings, so her husband said he doesn’t want to upset her daughter by reprimanding her.

Her daughter started arguments all the time, so her husband’s response to this was to pacify her so that she didn’t lose her mind if she didn’t get her way.

Her husband expressed that her daughter’s anger was intense, so he wanted to do what was easier and would mostly avoid dealing with a meltdown.

Her daughter often slammed doors in the house, damaged the walls with holes, and yelled as loudly as possible.

Currently, her daughter is in therapy, as well as the rest of the family. They aren’t in therapy because of this situation necessarily, but more just because they all appreciate the positive impact that therapy has in their lives.

Unfortunately, her husband seems to have become her daughter’s yes-man, and this has been frustrating for her to deal with. This has been going to her daughter’s head, and her daughter has become more entitled lately.

“It’s things like if he goes to the store and she asks to go, he will say yes even if I’ve said no. If my sons are doing something and she wants to be included but wants to 100% change the rules to her liking, and they refuse to do so, she will whine to my husband about how the boys aren’t playing fair, and he will go tell the boys to ‘be nice,'” she said.

michaeljung – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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